# 1 on Trending - Gemma Griffiths on a whole unique wave

Less than a week after release, Gara Pano is on number trending videos and songs in the country. Just when her Mugarden fame was dwindling, Gemma Griffiths has yet again proved she is not a one hit wonder but is here to stay.

The track is laced with the acoustic soul touch that the songstress and lyricist has become known for. The visuals are quite unique, bringing out the contemporary crisis with style, hats off to the director, Marc Neilson.

The track features radio Personality Danny that Guy (ZiFM) and was produced by Charlie Kay.

The name Gemma is of Italian origin, meaning a gem or precious stone, and indeed Gemma has become a gem to the music scene both local and international.

Griffiths rose to fame after doing cover versions of popular songs such as Andy Brown’s ‘Mapurisa’, Winky D’s ‘Musarove Bigman’ and Jah Prayzah’s ‘Mdara Vachauya’. This year has been one of many milestones for the artist who was catapulted to the limelight by her ‘Mugarden’ hit featuring Winky D.