About Zizoe, 'Mai Tt's Ben10'

About Zizoe, 'Mai Tt's Ben10'
The two lovebirds 'Mai Tt and Zizoe'

Zizoe is a local musician from Gweru, full name Blessed Zigwe. Born 23 years ago, Zigwe is an upcoming artist whose music career dates back to 2014. He is yet to make a breakthrough with his career and only came to limelight recently when he was introduced by Mai Tt as her newly found bae.

About a year ago, Zizoe released a collabo with Guspy warrior called mundirangarirewo which did not make so many waves in the music industry. Apart from 'mundirangarirewo',Zizoe also did other singles including one called 'Tichironga' produced in May 2019.

According to the standard Zigwe, has only 6 tracks to his name and is still working on an album. So what is the big deal between these two?

The two seem to have got the attention of the local media with people giving various opinions about their relationship. However, Mai Tt seems to be rising despite all the negativity she is getting from social media.

We have so many celebrity love stories of this nature which we have witnessed before ad the memories are still fresh. The likes of Stunner and Olinda, then Tytan and Olinda also had a similar relationship which went on to crush and Zimbos were there to witness as it all started on social media and ended on social media as well.

Mai Tt is a well popular comedian and Zizoe would definitely want to ride on her popularity to get peoples attention. Notable case studies of this nature is that of Stunner and Pockello and even Olinda. Stunner has done it twice and is sure this time he will not be used as a bridge to popularity.

Whilst MaiTt has been so loud about the whole issue,Zizoe has only posted only one picture of them together on his Facebook page, Zizoe Pamyk iyawozve, and did not even mention anything(caption), which is something to worry about.

Mai Tt is in her late 30s and the age difference is something to worry about, though most people say age is just but a number but has proved to be something important in most relationships over time.

There are two things involved, either it is just a way of promoting Zizoe's music, no strings attached, or the two are really in love.

If the two are really involved there are two things involved, either they are in love or someone has a hidden agenda.

Only time will tell.