Activation Show Contract: OyOsMusic’s big deal

Activation Show Contract: OyOsMusic’s big deal
OyOsMusic has taken another step forward in the event of supporting local artist to showcase their talent at a much bigger platform.
Activation Show contract talks about engaging artists who are facing challenges to stage or book live shows at reputable venues that attract promoters and people who can offer assistance to artists.
OyOsMusic realised that there are good artists who can produce nice music but find it hard to have interface with promoters who can give them lucrative deals because they are confined to a particular venues of lower level which promoters rarely visit and because they are overshadowed by the same big names that a given constant headliners in most shows in Zimbabwe.
This is an opportunity for artists having problems in gaining recognition to have access to the corporate market that will see their talent and hopefully find the need in investing in them and it just might be a gate pass for them to be at the international level.
So OyOsMusic has taken it in its hand to do shows every month and headline two or three artists and give them an audience with potential investors. Subdued artists now have a chance to engage OyOsMusic in a quest of achieving their dreams as well as promoting their brand in the music industry.