Andy speaks out

Andy speaks out
Singer Andy Muridzo and Prophet Magaya

Talented but highly controversial Afro-fusion musician Andy Muridzo has come out disputing the allegations that he was caught red-handed with a married woman.

This came out after Andy was detained and held at gunpoint in Waterfalls. He said he wanted to sue one of the senior reporters from local tabloid H-Metro (Aaron Nyamayaro)who was taking photos while Andy was brutally assaulted, he threatened to sue him for defamation of character arguing that the reporter was fully aware of what really transpired but instead he chose to craft his own sensationalist narrative in order to sell his story. 

Baba Keketso also alleged that the man who held him at gunpoint(Lenon Zaranyika) is a bodyguard to one of the leading Prophets of Zimbabwe. Zaranyika was bragging that he is untouchable and gets away with many crimes because he is protected by the prophet, the controversial Prophet Walter Magaya of the Prophetic and Healing Deliverance(PHD) Ministries.

"Handisungwe because ndine backup yaProphet wangu,ndoita zvandinoda ini," said Zaranyika.

Zaranyika was briefly detained by the Crime Investigative Division(CID) detectives from Waterfalls Police  Station and he was released despite the fact that he terrorised and assaulted Andy Muridzo with a riffle and a pistol.

Andy said he was informed by one of the detectives that they were dropping charges and had decided to settle the matter without his input.

"Hatina kuenda naye kuStation,titori kwaProphet Magaya tichazokufonerai,"said Andy. These were the words of the police when Andy called them after they had just arrested Zaranyika.

Andy indicated that he is pursuing the matter at Mbare police station and through his lawyer so that he gets justice and that Magaya will not get away with it.