'ANTS', breathing life into the Arts industry

'ANTS', breathing life into the Arts industry
The legendary Albert Nyathi

The Albert Nyathi Talent Search (ANTS) will this year be held at Eveline High School in Bulawayo with the veteran dub-poet saying this is his way to plough back into the community.

The talent search is open to both primary and high school pupils and affords them a chance to exploit their talents in performing arts such as poetry, music, dance, theatre and comedy. Winners will walk away with $50 in each category with the overall winner set to receive a floating trophy. 

Nyathi said the competition that he revived two years ago as a dedication to his late father, was back this year after taking a year’s break.

He said there were many young people who wanted a platform to showcase their artistry, hence he came up with ANTS.

“A lot of young artistes usually approach me telling me how talented they are in dance, acting, singing, poetry, etc and that they need to be assisted to achieve their dreams. I then thought that perhaps this (ANTS) could be partly the answer to such requests,” said Nyathi.

During the talent search that will be run this Thursday, starting at 8AM, pupils will be asked to give a three-minute presentation. 

“These three minutes are more than adequate for someone to impress the judges,” Nyathi said. 

He said when he was a student at Msiteli High School in 1984, he won the Eversharp National Poetry Competition which helped nurture his talent. 

Eveline High School arts director Thabani Moyo said:

“The uniqueness of ANTS is that the competition won’t be for those who come as a group, it’s for solo performances in all the genres available.”

He said the talent search was good in that winners will be groomed to be future stars.

“This platform will give learners an opportunity to discover and nurture their talent. It’s hoped that the identified talent will later be monitored and groomed. 

“ANTS takes note that the present artistes will grow old and pass away hence there is a need to groom future stars now and give them guidance so as to keep the industry vibrant.”

According to Moyo, previous ANTS editions have attracted learners from as far as Binga, Tsholotsho, Plumtree and Gweru with the idea being to make the event national in a few years.

The first edition of ANTS, Nyathi said was held in 1998 but was called Imbongi Talent Search then. Sandra Ndebele won with her poem, “I’m a Black Woman.”