Are Zimbabwean artists celebrities or just public figures?

Are Zimbabwean artists celebrities or just public figures?
Celebrity status for our artists

The notion that Zimbabwean artists are merely public figures and not celebrities is one mind-boggling issue and perhaps the question is why is that so?

The answer lies in the way we receive and appreciate our artists. What differentiates our celebrities and probably South African celebrities is the way we embrace them.

On countless occasions, I have witnessed people looking at other people strangely because they run after prominent people or musicians, it could be that we are proud, pompous and we fear being judged but that is the reason why we are unable to ensure our artists rise.

Solely because of the pride we are unable to buy their music, buy tickets to their shows, or even run up to them to get a picture. Financial difficulties aside we ought to change our mindset towards our artists as Zimbabweans they are a treasure and we should love and support them now while they are still with us.