Bhaureni can equally fit in the shoes of Danai Guriro of Black Panther

Bhaureni can equally fit in the shoes of Danai Guriro of Black Panther
Bhaureni and Danai Gurira

Bhaureni is a guy from the ghetto who falls in love with Tambu on Muchaneta, a local drama that has captivated many people on ZBC-TV. Bhaureni is that character who thinks he should have someone in life that goes to work and looks after him, he is scared of marriage.

His real name, Eddington Hatitongwe came to acting as a professional in 2008 when he did a play at HIFA, it was called 'Silent Words' directed by the late Kudzai Chimbaire. It opened the doors for him and from that, he never looked back, he went on to work with some art organizations such as Patsime Trust and he did quite a number of theatre plays and film. After Patsime Trust, he later joined Mirazvo Productions as an assistant director and later got the role of Bhaureni in the popular TV drama series Muchaneta.

In an exclusive interview with OyOsNews he said there is nothing stopping him to reach greater heights, he is destined for success.

 I am going the direction of Danai. Its only one day you are going to hear that I have a big role somewhere . My role model is Kevin Hart, I see myself in the regional and international art industry aiming high there and I believe God has done wonders for me. I also want to thank Nick Zemura for helping me to be where I am today. I know people are hungry for Muchaneta, well we are doing something about it and watch the space for more details. Muchaneta is coming back soon. He said.