Brand new Baba Amos Mahendere and Breeze coming soon!

Brand new Baba Amos Mahendere and Breeze coming soon!
Amos Mahendere

OyOsMusic signed up artist Breeze who is on a rampage in the music industry are working something new with strong, vigilant and active Amos Mahendere.

“I have listened to Breeze girls they are really good, they have angel voices, you know Mahendere is known for its energetic performance but this time it's going to be worship, deep worship, we are working on an album that is going to take the country by storm so stay closely tuned, you don’t want to be left out,” Mahendere said.

Breeze has two albums to their name so far namely ‘Hosanna’ and ‘A Breeze Story’ which have been making waves across the country with their perfected and fascinating voices which have earned them endless interviews in local radio stations.

Breeze told OyOsNews, “We are so delighted to be working with Baba Amos Mahendere, we have been waiting for such an opportunity, and we are looking forward to learning something from Mahendere and him learning something from us as well.”