"Enough is Enough" Says Enzo Ishall to Husband Bashing Wife

Enough is Enough, Enzo Ishall

The sensational chanter Enzo Ishall whose government name is Stephen Mamhere has decided to call quits to his marriage.

Zim Dancehall sensation finally decided to leave his alleged abusive wife Trish. News first broke out about the tense relations between the MaGate hitmaker and his wife last month where he was allegedly beaten over a WhatsApp status.

Despite having dismissed these allegations the first time, Enzo Ishall confirmed the December attacks and went on to open up to H-Metro disclosing more incidences where his wife was abusive saying that his wife has been on a rampage and highly disrespecting him and his parents.

Enzo went on to say that his wife was very violent and he feared to confront her until recently. Enzo re-called memories of when they were staying in Mabvuku where the wife would beat him up for not having finished paying her bridal price money before refusing to cook for him and making him beg for his conjugal rights.

Enzo professed his love for his wife and child but he could not keep up with the disrespect and constant challenges to his manhood and authority as head of the house.