Enzo Ishall inching towards 'Legend' title

Enzo Ishall inching towards 'Legend' title
Zimdancehall artist, Enzo Ishall

Enzo Ishall celebrated his 25th birthday bash, Saturday night at the City Sports Centre and it was nothing short of fireworks.

The vibrant chanter made his debut less than a year ago and now he has shaken the Zimdancehall scene, hosting a historic birthday celebration that united many dancehall musicians and youthful dancehall fans.

The artist was joined on the stage by fellow musicians including Jah Signal, Sniper Storm, Dhadza D, Seh Calaz, Blot, Bazooker, Master H, T-Gonz, Mad Viper and artistes from the Chillspot Records family.

One of the highlights was when artists took turns to perform as they gathered around ‘Stallion’ before belting into a beautiful ‘happy birthday’ for him.

Avion delivered a show stopping, branded cake that spelled out the young chanter’s name. Enzo thanked the mobile company for the gesture,

“I want to thank Avion for the nice cake. They have been supportive over the years and they contributed a lot to my career. I want to thank Avion boss Tinashe ‘Nash’ Mutarisi for his support in many ways,” said Enzo.

Whether or not Enzo is the biggest Zimdancehall artist at the moment, is an ongoing debate that can last for days, but one thing we can all agree on, is that Enzo Ishall is drawing near to an ultimate legend title in the music circles. His big bash has just proved that the young and charismatic artist is going in the right direction and rewriting the history of Zimdancehall.