Enzo Ishall Professes his gratitude to the woman who made him: Mhamha

In the words of a Zimbabwean artist who is also doing well "Good music comes from the heart" said Takura. This notion has not only been the genesis of good music but it has inspired truthful and heartwarming lyrics from artists all over the world.

Stephen Kudzanai Mamhere or Enzo Ishall as he is known by his fans has recently released his new single titled "Mhamha" a praise ladden anthem that seeks to appreciate and show gratitude to his mother Fiona who even in her absentia has inspired the young chanter.

Enzo Ishall who is popularly known for previous hits such as Magate, Chimbondisiya and Bhiza has flipped the script in Mhamha, moving away from the controversial lyrics that can be associated with the formerly mentioned hits. In Mhamha Enzo vehemently speaks of the gratitude he has for his mother Fiona ho is no more, for all the struggles she went through as well as the times she took a whip to instil discipline on her son who is now a success story.

Like everyone else Enzo goes on to say that he is proud of his mother likening her to a soldier whose honour he will defend without a shadow of shame. Apart from the fact that he goes on to mention Prophet Passion Java's mother the song has and will become a hit because of the relatable message it carries.

Since Matsimba, seems Enzo has taken a keen interest in writing and touching on the heart touching topics. Could it be because of his new alliance with the Prophet? all that is yet to be revealed.