Enzo Ishall’s ‘Mutasvi’- lewd lyrics or sheer lyrical brilliance

Enzo Ishall has released the long awaited single, ‘Mutasvi’. Let us address the elephant in the room- is it just me or the artist has developed a knack for lewd lyrics? A few months ago he released ’50 Magate’ and we all ignored the sexually suggestive introduction, come ‘Mutasvi’ I am just baffled by the erotica oozing out of the ‘promising hit song’.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy listening to Enzo Ishall’s music, in fact I love the talented artists ‘go getter’ vibe. It is just the sexually explicit lyrics that have me concerned. Listening to the song for the first time I was ecstatic, for some time there I thought “bhiza” was Zimdancehall and Enzo is the handler of the popular genre “mutasvi”, but repeating the song for the second time I realised oh no! This is could come across as a ‘Kurowa Howa 2.0’.

Let us be honest, it is a catchy song I agree… but other listeners might find this track inappropriate and others would agree it needs a parental advisory message. One may point out that, it is not like the young people of today do not know these things and music is just a reflection of the moral decadence in the society, but let us not forget that music also constructs the agenda. In this case all that young adults are absorbing is sexually suggestive lyrical images.

The song paints an image of a lady who is clearly beautiful (ganda rake rakageza), this lady is dancing in a way that captures one’s attention. Soon after, the artist refers to the lady as ‘bhiza’ and goes on to say that a horse needs a rider ‘Bhiza rinoda mutasvi’. Probably my mind is dirty, but would one be comfortable listening to the song in the presence of the elderly or worse still, hear your toddler chanting ‘Bhiza rinoda mutasvi’.