FACES: An exceptional play

FACES: An exceptional play

Written and directed by Gift Tapiwa Marovatsanga, Faces is a story about the issues women face, by virtue of them simply being women in a world where men continue to dictate the pace.

Faces ‘A Woman with Emotional Scars’ will premiere on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of May at Theatre in the Park, Harare. It is a play that can evoke emotional feelings and can’t afford to be missed, said Courage Chinokwetu, production manager.

Marovatsanga said,‘Faces’ is a story about rethinking culture, systems, privileges, and identity! ‘Faces’ is a story about human rights. It is a story about disrupting the systems that have become so normal and yet so crippling and disabling to individuals, families, and the society at large.

‘Faces’ is one of Zimbabwean born-South African based writer, director, arts activist, applied drama and theatre practitioner and consultant of Gift Marovatsanga’s works.

Marovatsanga has a passion for writing and directing for the theatre. He has written and directed extensively for the stage and he has also done some projects in film and television.