Gemma Griffiths caught up in a musical love affair

A few months ago the talented songstress was head over heels in love with Winky D- Mugarden, making the famous love pact “ handimbokutiza, IMAJENI, you and me chete…”. Fast forward, the songstress has definitely been feeding ‘muchero’ to Charlie Kay and the two are set to release a love track soon.

Gemma Griffiths has won over the hearts of many and it will be no surprise if young girls born this year will be named Gemma. Breaking the internet with her famous ‘Musarova Bigman’ rendition and yet another ‘Mudhara Achauya’ cover, the songbird has made her breakthrough in the music industry and we sure look forward to every dish she is cooking.

‘Murudo’ promises to be just fire and do not worry Gemma has her fans covered, with “Shona bars” that we oh so love.

At OyOsMusic we cannot wait to be serenaded by yet another Gemma Griffiths hit song. The count down to 'Murudo' begins.