Gender Based Violence is real and a lot of celebrities are opening up to being victims of the brutal act.

Despite the call to end Gender Based Violence (GBV) a lot of man and woman are continuing down the gruesome path of beating up their spouses.

Contrary to a lot of misconception that asserts GBV to people of poor backgrounds, it has become apparent that the act does not see or fear financial status or fame it only ignores what's right.

Sadly, recently Instagram users and Gqom fans witnessed South African Gqom Queen Babes Wodumo being brutally assaulted by Mampintsha who she was romantically involved with. Babes is not the only celebrity who has fallen prey to abusive spouses locally dancehall female artist Bounty Lisa and even the man of the moment Enzo Ishall just to mention a few have all fallen victim to GBV.

Babes pressed charges against her lover and Mampintsha who is currently in police custody 

Horrific and unbelievable yes it is which is why we attached the clip as horrific as it is for you to watch and take a stand against such acts.