Ginimbi arrested for being rich

Ginimbi arrested for being rich

Socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure, popularly known as Ginimbi was yesterday detained over the importation of his US$200 000 Bentley vehicle after handing himself over to the police Anti-Corruption Unit.

Kadungure who was accompanied by his lawyer Jonathan Samkange , is expected to appear in court today.

Samkange confirmed that he had accompanied his client to the CID Anti-Corruption Unit.

"Yes my client has been arrested and detained for fraud after they suspected that his Bentley vehicle was undervalued to misinterpret on the payment of duty," he said.

Allegations are that, in December 22 last year Kadungure connived with a clearing agenda and manufactured a purchase invoice which they tendered to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).

According to the court papers filed before high court, the vehicle in question is valued at R1,9 million.

Last week Kadungure shared on his Instagram page, a video of himself buying a two-seater Ferrari  488 spider sports car for US$350 000. He already has a large collection of supercars at his mansion in Domboshava and his fleet includes two Rolls-Royce, three Bentleys, two Royce Rovers and one Mercedes Benz 2018 G63, among many others.

Kadungure also has a pending case money-laundering which is yet to go for trial, he allegedly undervalued the cost of the vehicle so that he pays less duty.

All this comes as his cousin, Mary was facing a pile of incriminating allegations from her husband, Constantino Chiwenga, a development that has seen her being returned to prison.