Government intervenes to curb piracy

Government intervenes to curb piracy
Hon. Min Kazembe Kazembe


Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister Kazembe Kazembe said Government is in the process of amending copyright laws in order to curb piracy which is affecting artists.

He recently said this at his office after meeting with visiting Chimurenga music singer, Thomas "Mukanya” Mapfumo who on record has his latest song going viral in the streets.

It is high time Government intervenes and partners with organisations that are already in the process of fighting piracy such as OyOsMusic.

OyOsMusic the first of its kind is an online digital music platform that sells local music. It ensures that artists get something out of their music and its platform is one of the effective ways of curbing piracy.

Minister Kazembe said the current laws in place are not punitive hence the escalation of the unauthorised use, reproduction, and distribution of copyright works for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright owner.

For quite some time now piracy has been a distraction of artists’ progress and for long period it has been ignored, so Government intervention to curb it comes as good news to artists.