Guspy Warrior leads Linkage Awards race

Guspy Warrior leads Linkage Awards race
Guspy Warrior

Zimbabwe dancehall sensation Guspy Warrior is leading the race for the grand prize of the best African Dancehall Artist category to be hosted by Linkage Awards in the United States of America on Sunday the 11th of March.
The linkage awards are being organised by Linkage Productions Co. for the purpose of recognising individuals in the music and industry for their contribution to music as well as their accomplishments in music.
Guspy Warrior is nominated alongside Bobi Wine of Uganda, A2 from the Gambia, Stone Bwoy of Ghana, Frankie Dee of Kenya and AK Songstress of Ghana are the nominees vying in for the top award.
Currently, Guspy sits on top of the pack with 42 percent, followed by Stone Bwoy with 24 percent, Bobi wine and Frankie Dee with 7 per cent and AK Songstress with 3 percent voting is still on.
Guspy’s manager, Raphael Pinhahama expressed gratitude for those who voted for him and still urging people to vote.
“As Guspy Warrior camp we feel this one belongs to us, on behalf of the camp I want to thank those who voted and I want to urge people to keep on voting,” he said.
He said the hard work is starting to bear fruits for them and come what may obstruct them they are not prepared to go backwards.
“To gain such international recognition surely comes with hard work, I would want to believe that Dancehall is a genre with much competition locally then imagine on the continental arena.
“We are pleased to be part and parcel Linkage Awards,” said Pinhahama.
He stressed that piracy has been one discouraging factor pulling down many artists from the industry.
He challenges those in authority to come up stiff penalties on music pirates to curb illegal selling of music.
“We are greatly affected by music piracy, it is our source of living if we produce an album or a single track we will be waiting eagerly for money when it reaches the market.
“By the time it reaches the market it will be already be flooded in the streets, I wish if I had the power to stop such deeds as it is killing our industry,” said concerned Pinhahama.
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