Gwevedzi releases an anti-corruption track titled ‘Dzingai’

Gwevedzi releases an anti-corruption track titled ‘Dzingai’

Gwevedzi was founded in June 2016 after realizing how acoustic music can bring about change in the music industry at large if it is taken up as a genre on its own stature.

The band recently released a track titled ‘Dzingai’ which is a song that is aimed at shunning corruption. As young men, they said they have realized that if they can unite through art they can change the community whilst uplifting other privileged societies.

“The song ‘Dzingai,’ is a song which is shunning corruption since it has proved to be rampant in our day to day lives, be it socially or economically so the song generally exposes different facets of our economy which has been greatly affected by corruption, it further goes on to call upon the nation at large to join hands and make a stand to fight against corruption, hence the name ‘Dzingai.” Gwevedzi told OyOsNews. 

An official launch of the song was recently held in Highlands, Horse Box Bar and it is now available on OyOsMusic online platform