Hats off to the strong women in the music industry

Hats off to the strong women in the music industry
For the love of female artists

Scrolling through loads of posts on ‘International Women’s Day’, something hit me. Rarely do we celebrate and recognise the women in our music industry. Yes of course we jam to their music and place them in award nominations tailored specifically for them (Best Female Artist/ Outstanding Female Artist of the Year) but from today onwards, let us just realise their importance and appreciate their remarkable place in the industry.

Feminism aside, imagine how plain music would be without the sweet magic of a feminine touch. Local music would not sound the same without angelic vocals from Tamy Moyo and Tahle WeDzinza. It would be dull and gloomy without the colourful diva personalities of Cindy Munyavi, Queen Vee and Patience Musa.

Even Andy Brown realised the need for that sweet magic and blessed the industry two music goddesses, Ammara Brown and Chengeto, who have not only kept the legendary performances of their father but have added their own ‘Midas touch’.

Imagine Zim-Dancehall without the Lady Sqaunda, Lipsy, Bounty Lisa, Darula or Juwela touch. It would not be as spiced up as it is. Likewise, who would serenade Jazz-lovers if Selmor Mtukudzi, Edith WeUtonga and Hope Masike were not there?

Honestly speaking who would have added the comic flare to music if Mai Titi was not there? Would gospel sound the same without Mai Charamba, Shingisai Suluma or Janet Manyowa? It definitely would not have been the same to listen to radio and not hear KVG, Mai Judah or Miss V Candy bursting the stereo with their powerful yet sweet voices.

Who would sit on the Magate throne if Kikky BadAss or Beverly Sibanda were not there? Even controversial videos would not exist without the daring Vimbai Zimuto expressing her art through her body and challenging the cultural norms of our society...

‘Imajeni’ if Gemma Griffiths was not there in the garden with Winky

D , he would have been just a man wearing banana leaves and a gecko on his head.

These and many more women in the industry deserve a standing ovation, thus at OyOsMusic we salute their remarkable place in the music world.