Huby Blakes set to drop visuals for "Ndadhakwa Nehwahwa" video

Huby Blakes set to drop visuals for
Hubby Blakes on set.

Local musician, Huby Blakes, will be dropping new visuals for his song "Ndadhakwa nehwahwa" this coming Thursday on the 31st of January.

The song is an all-round club-banger and an upbeat composition which featured in his most recent EP and is set to get everybody on their feet in all the clubs and upcoming events.

Huby Blakes has had a fairly successful career releasing hits such as "Mai VaDhikhondo", "Kuroja Chete" and "Wakandisiya" and he managed to release another EP late last year.

Huby Blakes is also set to release his debut album later this year. There are no official dates yet but the artist is to release a few singles and videos prior to the album launch to give fans a glimpse of what he has prepared.