Is the father of "Twabam" under fire from Ninja Kid and Crooger?

Whatsapp has been buzzing since morning with the emergence of a new song that has been pinned to a video compilation of Zimbabwean celebrity Prophet Passion Java. The song which is by OyOsMusic Signed artist Ninja Kid and Crooger are addressing the issue of people who brag and when coupled with the video compilation the question "Is it a diss track to Passion Java?" arose.

OyOsNews got in touch with Ninja Kid to get a full scoop on what this massive track is about and Ninja Kid was quick to address the issue of "Vanozvi Fonera" being a diss track targetted at Passion Java

This is not a diss track for anybody in particular hapana zita remunhu. Ma fans ndovakutoona kuti nhingi ndiye anozvipinzira ndosaka vagadzira video Its just a song about people who think they are special and above everybody else on earth.

The most interesting thing about Ninja kid and Crooger coming together, apart from the fact that they are both from the Seke suburbs is the difference in the genres that the two are representing. It is interesting to see Ninja Kid raising the Dancehall banner whilst Crooger wields the Hip Hop Banner but at the same time Crooger being the one to sing the chorus which is laden with the Dancehall feel, something new in the history of Zimdancehall and Zim Hip Hop collaborations which are characterised by the Hip Hop emerging on top of Dancehall.

Ninja Kid says this collaboration is the beginning of a journey between these two respectable giants in the Zimbabwean music scene Crooger being one of the few outspoken artists in Hip Hop to address political and social obscenities. The two will do shows and do a tour for Crooger's album Shumba Inoruma.

That said, be on the lookout for more music from these two. Ninja Kid is dropping a video which features Beav City soon. The single Knowledge recently dropped and it is available for streaming on Ninja Kid's Youtube channel.