John Cole and Lee Mchoney met on Facebook

John Cole and Lee Mchoney met on Facebook
John Cole and Lee Mchoney

John Cole revealed that he met Lee Mchoney on Facebook during the launch of their track, ‘Skoro Skoro’ at the newly opened Red Cafe last night.

Known by many as a choreographer for music videos, wedding and stage dances, Cole has decided to diversify into music.

The song was released on May 8 and Cole said it has enjoyed good rotation on a number of local radio stations while they are in the process of pushing the house track to Mzansi radio stations.

OyOsMusic signed up artist, Cole said his journey with Mchoney started on Facebook when Mchoney sent him a friendship request which he accepted without having to think that one day they will do a song together.

“We met on Facebook, she sent me a request which I accepted just like accepting any friendship request, and she sent me her tracks which convinced me that she was a good singer then I requested to meet her,” narrated Cole.

He said Mchoney traveled from Bulawayo on a short notice and before she got home she went straight to the studio which shows her determination and commitment to music.