"Kanyika Kanaka" a sweet, bitter taste of cries by Noble Prince

Noble Prince who is popularly known as "The Fresh Prince of Hip Hop" has released a brand new single that is unsurprisingly the talk of the Hip Hop scene at the moment.

The dream of a Zimbabwean 2Pac, Eminem or even the fresh blood artists like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole is not far from reality considering the level of talent and lyrical prowess exuded by local hip hop artists, Noble Prince in Particular.

In the song "Kanyika Kanaka" the level of intelligence, creativity and wordplay is beyond a single listening session for one to fully comprehend the message and even after severally repeating the track it took an explanation from the mastermind himself to grasp the meaning.

kanyika kanaka it’s a blanket narrative of the state of the nation, a verbatim translation of unsaid verbs into an artform documenting what’s transpiring between Zambezi & Limpopo at the same time giving hope to what we could be

It was only Logical to ask Noble Prince what it is that inspired him to dig deep into his bag of bars and punchlines apart from the sick beat and hook provided by Fun F the producer of the single and he responded

All natural poets feed off the environment and inner-self so it’s a combination of what i have seen and felt

As impressed as we are our zeal to hear more from the talented artist is justified and fortunately for us, The Fresh Prince himself says he will be releasing albums soon coupled with visuals for us to feast our eyes on.