Lake July is here! And this time closer to you

Lake July is here! And this time closer to you
Laketivity Locations 2019

Lake July still going on despite the crippling economic gridlock.

For three days every year for the past three years the great lakeside of Chivero has turned into a small town with a population of almost ten thousand citizens, who know how to have a good time. The Festival has become an event to look forward to with many travelling from as far as outside the ‘Sunshine City’, to enjoy the music and braai fete.

This highly successful event, managed and owned by home-grown black Zimbabweans has been part of a 10-year plan to extend the party from the lakeside to the city so that those who cannot visit the lake can still join in the celebrations and share the joy.

The fiesta’s corporate site manager, Stanslous Mubaira told OyOsNews that the festival has become seasoned, roping in interest, hence the decision to move to the next stage of the 10 year plan.

“The lakeside party has been the 1st stage, stretching over three years... now we are moving into stage 2: The Lake July Week accompanied by the Laketivities,” he said.

“A festival is not truly a festive event if people from all walks of life, poor and rich, urban or rural, cannot join in. This is how stage 2 is introduced, which we hope will be accomplished within the next three years. During the Lake July Week we expand this social gathering to the Sunshine City. Lakejuly celebrations take place at various venues around the city from Wednesday to Sunday during the last week of July. Each day/night will have various themes centred on some of the activities that we do at the Lakeside festival,” he added.

The organisers are hopeful that after the coming three years lapse, they can finally move to stage 3.

“Finally, for stage 3 in the last four years of our vision we intend to combine the Lake July Week and the Lake July Festival into one grand event. The integrated festival will begin on a Sunday with several events taking place in different locations around Harare throughout the week, then culminating towards a 3-day lakeside event from Friday to Sunday,” said Mubairwa.

The Laketivities kick off tonight at On The Roof and will also be held at Maestro, Club Konnect, Pitstop,Evitro, Club Wood and Centurion as the week progresses.