“Let the good times roll”- Zimtulikazi lives up to billing

“Let the good times roll”- Zimtulikazi lives up to billing
Jah Prayzah and the Third Generation band- picture credits Edward Zvemisha

‘Urikukwata here? Handisi kukwata ini’- if you happened to be at the inaugural Zimtulikazi music festival on Saturday let us be honest, at some point you were lured into the merry making frenzy and as if in a choir, belched out this chorus.

After queuing for close to five hours just to get a meagre five litres of fuel, I mazed my way to Old Hararians Club to wash off the depressing stupor this economy has forcibly driven many into. I arrived a few minutes after 12 and the venue was already packed with music revellers ready to party. I was in the mood to go down and shake what my mamma generously gave me, so as soon as I purchased my ticket by the gate, it was go time.

Zim Music has come a long way and it was refreshing to see the young and old gathered to celebrate the raw talent that oozed out of each and every one who stepped on the centre stage. The family event kicked off with an energy filled performance by Ishan of the Kure fame, who was joined on stage by budding rapper, Ti Gonzi.

Just like any other Zimbabwean event, at some point we have to call unto the Lord and hence the line-up was blessed with the multi- award winning gospel musician Mathius Mhere. Mhere proved his prowess as he dished out some of his tunes, which included “Favour”, “Usavimba Nemunhu” and “Mwari Vanoturner Matables”, among others.

Not to be left out, female musicians had full representation as Novuyo, popularly known as ‘Sea Girl’, took to the stage and had me straining my back after a failed attempt at popping a neat ‘vosho’. Tamy Moyo followed up giving a well-polished performance of her hit songs, ‘Kwandinobva’ and ‘Tekere’.

Mr Putiti set the stage on fire with a surprise appearance from Nutty O to sing ‘Let’s talk about it’.

Chillspot brought the house down with a star studded performance. The crowd went wild when Bazooker and Enzo Ishall performed ‘Bodo’. Just as they left the stage, Tocky Vibes took to center stage and had everyone chanting ‘Ndandi go round…yuwi yuwi yuwi…’

The biggest highlights of the event were when Jah Prayzah, performed his week old song, ‘Sadza nemuriwo’ and to my surprise the crowd was singing along word for word. Stimela put on a good show, with her contagious smile and dance moves that mesmerized the crowd.

Hats off to Templeman and Gary B, the two stirred up a level of ecstasy that had many dancing their legs off. Winky D as usual delivered the best live performance. He performed songs like “Panorwadza Moyo”, “25”, “Godo” and “Mugarden”, surprisingly, with Star FM radio personality KVG.

Looking forward to the next Zimtulikazi festival…for now let me tend to my sore muscles (if you ever see me attempting to gwara gwara and vosho again, please stop me before I strain another muscle).