Magate and Kunerima one videographer two different out comes. Sabotage or not?

Vusa Blaqs the videographer behind the Magate video by Enzo Ishall has dismissed all allegations of sabotaging the young and upcoming artist.

After having waited impatiently for the video of 50 Magate Enzo Ishall's current single, many were quite disappointed when the video finally came out saying it fell short of their expectations and they blamed it on poor creativity and directing skills.

Perhaps it would have been a passing heat wave had it not been for the release of Jah Prayzah's - Kunerima video which is also a brainchild of Blaqs and unlike the magate video Kunerima has been condoned and endorsed by fans saying it meets international standards.

This video is on point...much love from Kenya

Blaqs vehemently refuted the allegations and promised new and sizzling hot projects with Enzo which he says are on the way.