Make way for the all female band: Vedu

Make way for the all female band: Vedu
Vedu Band

Vedu Band is an all-female group of students birthed from music crossroads and they have withstood the tests of time and are no longer students but competing artists in the Zimbabwean music industry

The band comprises of  Zwa Bass who plays the bass guitar, the drums are constantly under punishment by Letty who compels them to cry out with each hit, there is Anesu Sabeta also known as Anesu Keys who like her nickname is on the keyboard keys and on vocals, there is Trish Sharara (Sharex) who is the lead vocalist.

The codenames and nicknames make Vedu sound like an all-female hero group assembled to protect the music universe, well perhaps that might be the case especially considering the fact that they are very young talented and have a whole future ahead of them.

The group has come a long way since the days at Crossroads Music Academy and they have been familiarised with weddings, corporate gigs  as well as bars rocking and wowing the crowd with each performance

With the release of their new single titled Pandaikuda Vedu is evidently ready to storm the music scene and all we can do is wait to see them unleash their full potential. The future is also promising as the Band is looking forward to releasing visuals for Pandaikuda as well as an album to go with it.