Marketing hindering promotion

Marketing hindering promotion
Tripple K
Upcoming dancehall artist Kundai Shoko has revealed to OyOsMusic that marketing has become the biggest challenge in promoting not only his music but also for all upcoming artists.
In a recent interview, Kundai Shoko aka Tripple K said distribution of music to reach many people is limited thereby greatly discouraging many artists of his calibre. 
“First and foremost airplay is not on our side as upcoming artists radio and TV stations consider established artists more than upcoming ones.
“In most cases, I feel cheated after taking music to the radio stations but hardly get any airplay,” said the disgruntled Tripple K.
He said he expects those in authority to help young artists to succeed in their music careers by fighting piracy.
“As an artist registered with Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) I expect them to be at the forefront in promoting young artists and the first step is to fight piracy,” he said
At the moment Tripple K is marketing his music through social media platforms using applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube as well as volunteering to perform at functions like parties and weddings. He also signed up with OyOsMusic so as to further push his music sales as well as promote it online.
OyOsMusic is an online music store which sells music for all local artists either upcoming or well established. It is in partnership with Star FM in an effort to publicise artists as well as their music.