Meet male wheel- spinner DJ Lyaness Larissa

Meet male wheel- spinner DJ Lyaness Larissa
Dj Lyaness Larissa

Lyaness Larissa AKA Larissa Makahamadze is a female club DJ who has been making waves in the male-dominated industry for quite some time now. OyOs blogger C.C recently caught up with the assertive, talented and bubbly young DJ and below is what she had to say:
When it all started
I started my career in 2015
ART, I am inspired by art and my love for music. I listen to a wide range of music to help me with my artistry; in this way, I will be able to ascertain what works and what doesn’t.
Marketing music
I upload my music on mix cloud because it does not limit the quantity of content as compared to sound cloud. I also share my music with my fans on social media.
Envy, jealousy, sabotage and bullying coupled with fighting for space in a male-dominated industry.
Overcoming the obstacles
It has not been easy, however, I have managed to survive because of my drive to succeed. I believe that I am a leader; I am assertive, confident and I have a strong character.
Advice to aspiring female DJ's
I would like to tell aspiring female DJ's that they must believe in themselves and work hard and above all seek God first as they push forward with their goals.