Meet S Mubayiwa the stone whisperer with accolades to show for it.

Meet  S Mubayiwa the stone whisperer with accolades to show for it.
Mr Shelton Mubayi and his sculptor

Shelton Mubayiwa is a stone sculptor who hails all the way from Chiwota Communal Lands but the talent and rare gift that runs through his veins brought him to Harare where he now practices the art of sculpturing in its fullest form.

Harare is where Shelton made his National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) winning piece at Chitungwiza Arts Centre where he now perfects his skill. Zviri Mudombo which translate to "It's in the stone or Whats in the stone" is the name Shelton gave his unique piece which he says is one of a kind.

Its a special piece in the sense that it cannnot be replicated, it cannot be reproduced its coming from a natural form i supose we can never find the same stone with the same movement and then make the same sculptur because of the way nature presented it to me, to world. 

Even though Shelton's life has not changed much after the NAMA as he professed he is still hopeful and will hold on to his piece until a minimum of USD$3 000 has been waved at him. He now looks to the future where he wants to participate in international art competitions as well as educate Zimbabweans and foreigners on sculpturing at home, high schools and kindergartens.

To get hold of Shelton you can email him on or WhatsApp him on 0772 907 060