'Moments frozen in time but still warming hearts in the long run'- Ndirangaridze

'Moments frozen in time but still warming hearts in the long run'- Ndirangaridze
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Whoever came up with the whole #ThrowbackThursday/#TBT is a modern day genius. I know this sounds insane but think about it, how many times have you seen a #TBT post and it did not arouse heart-warming and fuzzy feelings in you.

A few weeks ago my friend Chiedza Chibanda posted my picture from 17 years ago on her Instagram Story. I swear I could not help but burst into an uncontrollable laughter. There I was, with uncombed hair and a frilly red dress that I wore specifically on Sundays (don’t judge me we all have Sunday bests). I looked adorable, if I say so myself. At that point the song that came into my head is a tune that haunts me each ThrowbackThursday, in fact, it’s a track that defines #TBT for me – ‘Ndirangaridze’ by a remarkable young man, Ken WahMambo and a budding songstress, Vera.

It is no secret that marriage and relationships are not an easy ride, some have likened it to a roller coaster ride that has ups and downs. Getting up from the low days and moving forward is a real struggle and sometimes it is the test of the relationship. One quick way to ease the tension is to remind each other of the good times, to flip/ swipe through albums of the good old days, when birds seemed to chirp in harmony and flowers bloomed in replica of a rainbow.

OyOsNews had the opportunity to speak to Ken WahMambo about his latest EP and get to understand the inspiration behind the beautiful song.

“So the inspiration for the song came from my father. We were sitting as a family and he took out his photo album, for a trip down memory lane. He showed us pictures from as way back as his engagement to mum, their wedding and baby pictures of me and my siblings”.

“At that time I was going through a serious case of writer’s block and I was looking for something to write since I had exhausted my ‘lyrics bank’ on my ‘Songs of Solomon’ EP. On this day I just had light bulb moment and just like that I came up with lyrics for the song”, said WahMambo.

The song also features the angelic Vocals from a lady I have been introduced to on many occasions as ‘The Beautiful Vera’. Her input gave a diverse and feminine touch to the song.

“After coming up with the lyrics I realised I needed a feminine feel to the song and hence I brought in Vera into the picture and she brought in not only a different language (Ndebele), but a diverse feel to the song”, added the ‘Pakutanga’ hit maker.

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