Mother-in-law forces Mai Titi to quit music

Mother-in-law forces Mai Titi to quit music
Mai Titi

Mai Titi has said that many people think that she has been in the music industry for quite a short time but she has reassured her followers that she has been involved for a long time just that she has been forced to quit by her mother-in-law citing that music is for prostitutes.

Right guys, we need to clear up a few things here. I 've seen a lot of people who think I'm new in the industry especially music wise, I 've always been in the industry but when I got married I had to take a break because my mother in law always thought zvemaband ndezvepfambi (Music is for prostitutes). The very first song I recorded it in 2002 and I was 17years old.

My song went viral and it was even in Top 20charts at radio 3 then now called PowerFm. I was the youngest urban Groover that time.

Music came first before comedy my dear followers so I'm not an upcoming musician I always been a musician. When I got divorced I decided to hit back the industry in another angle since I'm a girl of many talents and boom I went viral with comedy. Now I'm just trying to balance my music and acting. But it's still the same person, she narrated her story.

She will be launching 2 albums this month, a Gospel one for Gospel lovers and another one which is mixed. Stay logged on Mai T s Diaries for the details.