Motive behind Huby Blakes’ Kuroja Chete song

Motive behind Huby Blakes’ Kuroja Chete song
Blakes Being Interviewed By OyOsMusic Media
THE Mai VaDhikondo hitmaker, Huby Blakes released a single track on Saturday morning at Star FM under OyOsMusic brand which looks like is going to be a hit song after receiving a warm reception from the listeners.
The track Kuroja Chete which is already being compared to Mai VaDhikondo because of its nature of the beat, Blakes said he was inspired by the livelihood he is experiencing as a tenant since moving out of his father’s house.
The song talks about the hardships faced by tenants which seem not to bother the landlord as he/she demands rent month end.  
“I moved out of my father’s house as I want to explore much about life as a bachelor, but life has not been that easy as I thought. I did not know that there is no mutual relationship between the landlord and the tenant, revenue relationship is the only common understanding which exits,” said Blakes.
He said the relationship becomes bitter towards the end of the month and life looks awful for tenants.
“That has been the motivation behind the song, the lyrics just came out flowing from my mouth visualizing what I was experiencing as a tenant,” he said.
However, Blakes said he is having the best time of his life as he is experiencing life in his own home and it is giving him more opportunity in diversifying his talent.
He said he is still growing, he is on a transitional period and for him to allow transition he has to experience life from all different angles.
“Moving out of my father’s house was my own decision and my father agreed to it after explaining to him how I want things to work out for me in the music industry and I am glad it is happening the way I planned it,” said Blakes.
Kuroja Chete is one of the single tracks on the album he is working on which he said it is expected to come out late this year.
At the moment he is working on the video of the track expected next month.
Blakes put out a stand out performance later that night of the song at LongCheng Plaza OnePlusOne Arena which left audiences gasping for more.
Blakes stressed out that piracy is if the biggest challenge affecting Zimbabwean music industry and upcoming artists remain small because their music is not being bought to improve but rather pirated for the benefit of the pirate.
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