Mudiwa Hood honours the woman behind his success

Mudiwa Hood honours the woman behind his success
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Often times as humans we are awoken by the absence of something to appreciate its importance in our lives, which is why Mudiwa Hood has taken the time to dedicate a timeless single to the woman who raised him.

We have often heard artists thank and give appreciation to their mothers during award ceremonies and more often than not in songs. Mudiwa Hood took it upon himself to thank his beautiful mother in song, coupled with Trevor Dongo who lends his breathtaking vocals to the well-put poetry of Mudiwa Hood in a song titled Amai Vakandirera.

The song is a dedication to Mudiwa's mother who he mentions several times in the song vehemently professing his love for her. It also acts as a reminder to even those who barely thank their mothers only to be left with regrets when they are gone.

This future mothers day dedication song will go a long way in showing the special woman in everyone's life how much we appreciate them, to get the full track simply visit and search under Mudiwa to legally download the track.