Mudiwa, Stunner Clash at OyOsMusic Launch

Mudiwa, Stunner Clash at OyOsMusic Launch
Mudiwa Hood

As the days progress, the excitement builds as OyOsMusic comes closer to its launch set for the 14th of July his coming week. After being launched officially on the 14th of February on the StarFM radio station earlier this year, OyOsMusic will have its first official physical launch at StarFM Studios the following week. As it stands the launch will be a cocktail event with a lot of things to celebrate namely, the success of the brand finally coming to life, having succeeded in giving out its first quarterly payouts, progression In the never-ending fight against music piracy in the country. Most importantly, the brand is there to celebrate as the very love that most Zimbabweans share for home-grown music.

The event is set to be by invite only featuring a guest list of some of Zimbabwe’s finest artists namely McDee, Goodchild Gc, Tamy, Mudiwa, Stunner, Andy Muridzo, Winky D amongst many others with the guest of honour being Hon Min Supa Mandiwanzira. The event is set to be hosted by RK alongside Star FM’s DJ Nikki in an event that will run from 1700hrs al the way up until nine that very evening. The red carpet event was made possible by a brilliant team of sponsors namely CBZ, Jam Jan, Sterkinekor, Tropical Sound, Volt and Bilebanal. Artists lie in wait for what is set to be a spectacular event.

OyOsMusic welcomes artists Mudiwa and Stunner to the OyOsMusic family. Mudiwa is one of the new artists to sign with OyOsMusic joining a community of hundreds of other artists sharing their music with the Zimbabwean community. Mudiwa Mthandwa who has now adopted the popular alias “Mudiwa Hood” was born on the 24th of July 1985 as the last born to a family of four. His other siblings are Shupikai Mtandwa, Terrance Mtandwa and his sibling, Wanisai Tendai Mtandwa is also a musician like him.

To date, Mudiwa Hood is a sensational Zimbabwean gospel Hip Hop artist who has risen to fame with hit songs such as "Ndaita mari" and "Anhu acho tisu". He is one of the big names in the local music genre that have popularised gospel hip-hop in Zimbabwe. He has recently debuted his latest song “Take Me There” and it is currently featuring on local charts. Currently, his music is available on the OyOsMusic platform.

Stunner is also one of the many artists to sign with OyOsMusic recently being welcomed to the family in June. Stunner (real name Desmond Chideme) is a Zimbabwean Zim Hip Hop artist based in Harare. He is one of the pioneers of the Urban Grooves music revolution in Zimbabwe. He rose to fame during the early 2000s when the urban grooves music was beginning to take dominance in the entertainment circles. His music career is one of varying degrees of success He made it into mainstream Zimbabwean music hits with hits such as "Team Hombe" and, "Dhafu Korera". He owns a Record label called "Tazoita Ca$h Records", which has signed artists such as Shastro, Junior Brown and MC Chita. His music is now available for download on the OyOsMusic platform.

So there you have it; two brand new artists added to the roster of Zimbabwe’s one and only online music store, OyOsMusic. The launch is something that the music industry has to look forward to this coming week and people anticipate that it is to be a great success as it symbolizes a brighter future for our music industry.