Music first, popularity follows

Music first, popularity follows
Rute Mbangwa
Rute Mbangwa a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, trained music adjudicator and philanthropist is not bothered of becoming popular as long as her music has meaning to people who listen 
She believes music should touch the lives of people and leave them on a certain level from where they have been before.
“Touching and changing lives through my music is my major achievement and receiving feedback directly to me via social and electronic media makes my day. Popularity is a secondary issue to me as a person,” said Rute Mbangwa.
She said being a teacher inspires her to share knowledge through music and always make sure that her songs are balanced in as far as being entertaining with meaning, relevant and useful in day to day activities.
“So you find that my songs are humanitarian, social commentary, gospel and personal experiences. Sometimes just to spark debates in different spheres of life to facilitate positive change in our communities,” she said.
She started singing professionally in 2002 first as a backing vocalist for Tanga wekwaSando and during that time she worked with other bands like Summer Breeze, Mateo and Friends, Africa Revenge just to mention a few.
Rute then got established as a standalone solo artist in 2004 when she released her first album entitled If Only My heart had a Voice which carried songs like Dai and Mauya amongst others.
She was recognized at Young Women's Leadership University of Zimbabwe Shine 2015 for her positive contribution to the community through her music mainly focusing on gender issues and youth development.