Music for passion

Music for passion
Dr Dread
Born Terrence Mpakula, Dr Dread is a pianist, reggae musician, music producer, studio sound engineer, private music teacher and a director of his band.
He said music is his way of living as he finds pleasure whenever he engages himself in the music business.
“Talent alone without passion is not enough. Music is all about passion, commitment and dedication anything less than that is a joke,” lamented Dr Dread.
He was introduced to the professional music scene by Kenny Mwanza and Midnight Magic at the age of 17. He then moved to the Ras Trevor Hall led Crucial Mix reggae band in 1999.
“I do music because I can. For me music is natural it is an inborn thing just the same way it spiritually lifts me so it does to others hence I have to share the positive meditation in the most gentle way to convey a message,” he said.
Internationally he worked with reggae greats such as Luciano (Jamaica), Brother Ayouba (Ivory Coast), Article (Jamaica) and Earthman Crew (England) and locally with many artists.
He learnt studio sound engineering production at Buzzie Doing Nothing Records with the guidance of Bongomuffin's Jahseed and Lovejones. He is also doing production at his own at High-Grade Productions.