Music, modelling trio joins OyOsMusic

Music, modelling trio joins OyOsMusic
From left Brenton Muvirimi, Bryson Ncube, Branden Muvirimi
An upcoming young band, TeamActive which consists of twin brothers Branden and Brenton Muvirimi, as well as Bryson Ncube, recently signed with OyOsMusic to market and to promote their music.
TeamActive is a modelling/musical group which sings Hip Hop and R’n’B, one vocalist and two rappers.
The trio who are into both music and modelling expressed gratification after sealing the deal with OyOsMusic and looks forward to a prosperous year.
“We are happy to have joined OyOsMusic to further the music ambitions we express ourselves through music and modelling.
“The main secret behind our career lies in self-motivation we all want to do more things than we will ever do, but wanting is not doing so joining OyOsMusic is an action in the right direction,” said the trio.
“Why do so many of us never get our rears in gear and go after the goals we cherish? Maybe it is because we don’t want them enough? Or maybe we have too many wants and we can’t choose the ones that really count? Or maybe we don’t really know what we want?
“There are lots of things we would like to do. If there’s something we really want to do, we’ll be doing it now, or at least you’ll be marching toward it in some definite way. As soon as we genuinely want to do something, we’ll automatically start behaving in that direction and that is what we have done by joining OyOsMusic,” they said.
They said they are entering into a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities, where they are expecting healthier responses.
“In this world of possibility and opportunity, we are now free to gradually shift our focus to things and thoughts that will gradually lift us you up and make us feel better and that’s what we want.
Twin brothers Brenton and Branden were crowned Mr Valentine Zimbabwe 2017 and first prince respectively.