MUTE MAFIKIZOLO- to boycott or to kill with kindness?

MUTE MAFIKIZOLO- to boycott or to kill with kindness?
The '#mutemafikizolo' poster circulating on social media

“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity towards those who are not regarded as members of the herd”

Riled by horrific pictures of foreigners being harassed and assaulted by South Africans in the latest wave of xenophobic attacks, Zimbabweans have taken to social media to retaliate heartless acts of cruelty by urging people to shun Mafikizolo who will be in Harare on Friday night for a show dubbed ‘Mafikizolo back in town’.

In the spirit of ‘solidarity’, some individuals are circulating messages on social media, urging people to boycott ‘Mafikizolo back in town’. One such message reads,

“In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in SA, I call upon Zimbabweans to boycott Mafikizolo Concert on 6 September at HICC in Harare. South Africans should stop butchering our brothers and sisters! NO CONCERT #mutemafikizolo”.

Speaking to some music revellers who were looking forwad to a night of great music and fun, they had this to say,

“ZWL$120 is a lot of money considering our economic situation but I am willing to pay the same amount to spend time listening to our own artists and not Mafikizolo, they call us makwerekwere and expect to come here and take our hard earned money… Mafikizolo should just stay in their blood painted country, in fact we should stop playing South African music”

“I was gonna attend the Mafikizolo show but because their countrymen are behaving like mad people and are busy attacking fellow Africans, I will not be attending that gig! I choose to #MuteMafikizolo Its my small way of protest, it might not mean much in the grand scheme of things but for what I stand for, which is more important to me, I will make this stand!” said one social media user.

“I was hoping I would go but not anymore its high time these celebrities address their fans about xenophobia, what pisses me off more is the inhumane tweets that were posted by Babes Womudumo and AKA. It would be silly for us to support such ill minded artists”.

However, there were others who felt that muting the gig would hit hard a fellow Zimbabwe who is bringing the duo into the country.

“I strongly disagree boycotting the show will not affect Mafikizolo but the promoter who is Zimbabwean, Mafikizolo have already been paid. The best revenge is Kill them with kindness”

There seems to be a number of issues that triggered the violence including giving priority to foreign workers over South Africa nationals.

An audio clip that circulated over the weekend suggested that local truck drivers were been snubbed by truck owners who preferred foreigners.

Resultantly, an unidentified local truck drivers’ association called for a demonstration that has resulted in the burning of some trucks, shops and blocking of some major routes in that country.

It is quite unfortunate that over the years South Africans have resorted to violence as a way to deal with foreigners. One would point out wise words from the late Nelson Mandela,

“We cannot blame other people for our troubles. We are not victims of the influx of foreign people into South Africa. We must remember that it was mainly due to the aggressive and hostile policies of the apartheid regime that the economic development of our neighbours was undermined.”