My Mother My Inspiration- Faith Makoni Mufunda

My Mother My Inspiration- Faith Makoni Mufunda
Faith Makoni Mufunda

OyOsMusic signed up Artist  Faith Makoni Mufunda said that she was inspired by her mother for her to become a gospel artist.

Growing up in a Christian background as well as being a preachers kid inspired her to take the musical career despite the challenges in the music industry.

The 28-year-old diva told OyOsMusic that her mother motivated and encouraged her to become what she is today.

''My mother is my hero and as a pastor, she taught me a lot of things that inspired me to engage into gospel music'', said Faith.

She went on saying that music is her life and whenever she felt lonely or troubled music would help her escape all the problems in life.

Faith Makoni Mufunda started singing at the age of 5, she then realised her talent at the age of 12, in 2010 she recorded her first song album called 'Ebenezer', in 2011 she recorded her second album called 'Munenyasha' now she's working on her third album called 'Ambassador' which will be hosted in April  2019.

The gospel diva is encouraging all local artists to join OyOsMusic in order to win the battle of piracy in music...