Ninja Kid makes Summer even hotter with Xhizha

Ninja Kid makes Summer even hotter with Xhizha
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It is the norm for artists to release songs with a summer feel as the season closes in and it is definitely no secret that the war to have the hottest or best summer song is always raging between artists. Well, this year that war has been won and the victor is Xhizha by Ninja Kid.

Ninja Kid's consistency has been something critics have questioned over and over since his inception but like his name the Kid has kicked and karate chopped through all those criticisms like a ninja and held his head up high releasing hit after hit.

This summer is no different for the OyOsMusic signed artist who has released Xhizha a track laden with a summer vibe message. the track is doing well on Youtube for someone who has been dubbed as a one-hit-wonder kid. Perhaps he is the answer to Zimdancehall's future

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