"No Pain No Gain" P Oney's album Mantra

P Oney - No Pain No Gain album art

When P Oney first walked on to the music scene with his hit singles "Amai" and "Let Go" the question on everyone's mouth was 'who is this new kid on the block?' well that question is being answered. p Oney is the man behind the most anticipated album of 2018 and he has named it  "No Pin No Gain II".

They say you can tell a lot about an artist by how he names the fruits of their labour and from the onset, the title of P Oney's album screams out three words plus a bonus word, which are; Fighter, hard worker and motivator. That is basically what pushed P Oney to drop this album and as if the wide array of collaborations in it were not enough to prove P Oney has the heart, he had to schedule a very promising album launch for the 19th of December at Wood Sensansation Club with surprise guests.

The 11 tracked album includes features from Young Gun from the United States of America and Dat Boy Mreppa from South Africa who have both taken the opportunity to join P Oney on this excursion as he seeks to console his fans by letting them in on the struggles that have ravaged his life and that still torment him to date with the end goal being to help them overcome look forward and achieve for it is said No Pain No Gain II so watch the space