Nudity or not, the show goes on

Nudity or not, the show goes on
Local Drama series, Tunga still airing on ZBC

Social media has been awash with falsehoods that National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) nominated television production, Tunga, was banned over some scenes involving nudity.

Word on the street was that Tunga features a cast that is dressed in cultural inspired designs that some deemed as half naked, thus leading to the ‘pull-out’ of the production.

However these were all fabricated lies fuelled by the failure of ZBC to air episode 73 on Friday. The allegations have been dismissed citing that the failure to air was just a technical problem that happened last Friday and the episode will be screened on 29 March.

Tunga is now on the sixth season and more drama twists are brewing as it emerged that Mudani (Grives Chengeta) was being investigated by Mabori (Cuthbert Jenami) who is the king’s advisor. Tunga has become a household name with many loving the “pasichigare” setting and an epic storyline that opens one’s imagination to a society prior technology.

The popular series has been nominated for the first time under the Outstanding Television Production category together with Muzita Rababa and Kuchina.