Olinda Chapel Speaks Back On Tytan “I Am Going To Reveal Everything Today It Is Independence Day For Me Because No Weapon Formed Up Against Me Will Prevail Over Me.”

Olinda Chapel Speaks Back On Tytan “I Am Going To Reveal Everything Today It Is Independence Day For Me Because No Weapon Formed Up Against Me Will Prevail Over Me.”

The socialite Linda Chapel has responded to allegations made by her ex-husband, the singer Tytan Skhokho who alleged during a YouTube program that she deceived him on her HIV status before marrying.

She said: (transcript – unedited text rolling below)

When someone is contradicting themselves …good liars should have long memories.

All I want to do is to move on with my life as you all know when I returned from Paris I discovered summons …here that my child’s father had reported me to the police I saw a non-molestation order request but the judge refused and said you must sit down and agree between yourselves. The judge refused and said if you want a non-molestation order you must agree with your wife.

He said that I was destroying his life on social media that is when I then blocked him on social media and said enough is enough and now I have read these sermons I will send you the screenshot. now with the non-molestation order he used a statement that he had used at the home office and and he printed it with the date. This the level of his lies.

Before we talk about the abuse what what he calls an expose… The day he says that he was about to be beaten up by Sean, he has been abusing me me.and he said that he was threatening me that if I abuse him, he he will reveal my medical records.

He knew about my history from the time he was in Zimbabwe. he knows I am in a very small group called a small progressor you know what a small progressor is?

I will send you another statement to show you how many times I got admitted in hospital it was more than 50 times and at each point I was being admitted in hospital he was standing right beside me he is the one who would drive me to the hospital he’s the one who would be near me but now he is now using all that as a weapon against me.

There is a time when the people at the hospital said this man is taking advantage. He is the one who used to even tell me to hospital and tell me that it is time to take your medication; he has been holding me a prisoner all this while and using that as a form of psychological abuse. Tytan is a serial cheater. While I am in hospital, I would come back to find out he is now busy sleeping with other women.

You know that someone who is in my shoes right now what he has just done it would destroy them but I will not allow him because that is giving him the power.

Tytan would go and collect medication for me. Tytan would administer that medication for (to) me.

Tytan was very much aware before he had boarded the plane from Zimbabwe and I made sure that I recorded that conversation with him because I knew that this would happen I made sure myself that he knew.

When he left Zimbabwe on the 31st of July I was 5 weeks pregnant after we decided to have another child where did that pregnancy come from? …

This man I wish I could bring my child on the phone… You went to my child to say, your mother has something that she has not been telling.

That is even illegal to do what he did and even with Rumbidzai …

But I am no longer a prisoner now he can f*** off.

I am HIV that is not Corona virus… but I am free of his hold on me. If I wronged him he must go and report to the police,how come I have not been arrested by the police?

He has been using this as a weapon against me the desperation to seek for papers is really shocking.


I am going to reveal everything today it is independence Day for me because no weapon formed up against me will prevail over me.

When you left this place I put a picture of pregnancy test I was 5-weeks pregnant who gave me that pregnancy? …

For him to do a 360-degree turn simply because he is now looking for papers…?

When is started using that as a weapon against me He started being controlling you started phoning even my relatives calling my grandmother he was using that as a weapon. He telling me I am going to do this I am going to do that.


If I was using a visa to controlling the day you left this property would have been the day he would have been deported but I only informed the home office at the end of November July august-september October November after 5 months and it was only after I had been told that he had gone to submit at the home office in application for domestic violence.

My lawyers went to the home office to submit evidence and the home office replied saying that they are sorry about the reservations. Does he even have the visa now does he have the visa now after all this then? It is a desperate act; I am independent.

A positive person can have a relationship with a person was negative without any problem you are actually safer in such a situation. End up having beautiful children like Nandi. But Tytan is an an educated fool he is an educated fool.

We are supposed to be going to the courts on the 4th of March.

Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya is under investigation by the solicitors regulation authority. They had no right to do that and it is illegal to do what they did so now now we shall end this matter when they have paid me.. is time I am not going to stop. He lies to social workers… There is a child protection conference they wanted to hold they said I can invite people and I asked if I can bring people from the hospital and the people the person at the hospital said that is wrong.

They said there is no appointment that Oinda used to enter which this man did not know. On the live program he said that he had to google the medication but on the statement he sent to the home office he said that he found out while looking into the child’s papers.

I want you to read this statement on the live program you heard what you are saying so I want you to compare. On paragraph 20 when my daughter was gone and I read the most shocking thing… I discovered that Linda is HIV positive.

On his live with Rumbi he said that he googled but on the statement he sent to the court he said that after the child had been born the red book came. The Red book comes before a child has been born….

On his life programme what did he say? again I will see on his statement what did he say when my daughter was born I received the book and I read the most shocking thing ever and it stated that Olinda is HIV positive… It made sense to me… All this while she told me she is HIV negative… I cried so much. I finally decided to confront her …and I spilled the beans…

Tytan weigh before he had flown from Zimbabwe he knew about it and I even asked him to leave me if he had problems and he said that I do not mind, I love you the way you are.

I even I said to him and I swear with my own mother he said to me know I want to be with you I want to be with you. He has lied to so many people with so many different stories he is a liar.

Moving on, he should now now move on with his life.

Him and Jayden… That night he went to meet Brita he had lied to me I saw the text messages.

Brita is very tall and I am short…he says I said she is not attractive to me.

After coming from such a terrible marriage with scanner now I jump into this….

I quarrelled with this woman called Stephanie Chiyangwa. I asked Stephanie and what happens the following week I fill you in this house my pregnancy and assessment going to hospital and the phone rang and it was Stephanie I came out of the car crying out loud I almost had a miscarriage. I told her to stay away from me the day she came 2 to my birthday… next time I see Stephanie is texting him and I said you are still with this woman ?

You lied to me saying that he is not communicating with her. All these things I have evidence of let him continue you making noise and I will embarrass him.

He spoke about counseling how do you go for counselling while you are sleeping around?…

I also saw on his Twitter portal begging another woman for sex that is when I called my grandmother asking him to go and pay a divorce token.

I got pregnant in August we got married in June I got pregnant in Dubai who was the first person to see I was pregnant before Tytan?

What’s that first week of August or it was end of August now Titan is saying that we got married in April… That is how confused he is…

You remember when I was pregnant and I was returning from South Africa I was calling him and he was not picking up calls my calls. I’ve been phoned the hotel and I said I want to talk to my husband and and he was not picking up that is one I discovered that he was busy sleeping around. He then picked up the phone the following day saying that he was busy drinking while in the pub….

I then confronted him while I was pregnant with Nandi….

Tytan walked out, he then walked out.

He has always been womanizing cheating the only thing is is because we are public figures there is no woman who is going to come out and speak but there are women out there who know the truth. There was Megan in 2007.

You lose your reputation when you are a good wife.

That’s according to British law is as good as revenge p***. If God is hearing me, all those places where he is busy sleeping around I hope that it catches him. imagine how it feels for all this while a person to use this as a weapon against you I feel so broken. Titan was one person who knew everything to do with my life if a person that I could tell about my life today he went on Rumbi show to talk about my life. Nobody, but he is one person that I trusted and I said I can show my whole life for him to then use all that against me. For him to be crowd chasing together with Rumbi just so that they can get video views that is abuse altogether.

No one should be afraid or be concerned even right now isn’t it a lot of people are dying with Corona virus what’s new?

I will say this again how come every professional he has been to to does not believe him including social services have not believed him how come? How come he doesn’t have a visa as we speak how come? I want that man out of my life the only problem is that I have kids with him but I cannot stay in the same country with that man. If I say that I want him to go to Zimbabwe he will take me to court so what do I do? I want to be free of that man. The day is spent time on his social media page posting things about coercive behaviour…

They just want to build a story I am so tired being abused like this. If this is the case then it is better that I die.

The things that he has said about pep how many people have now come up to say that he was lying?

That marriage was never valid. Right now as I’m telling you, he was banned in Australia on the matter to do with Rumbidzai…

In August he did a press release.. the thing he has done with his lawyer is very immoral in so many ways it is very immoral.

To me is the fact that this guy boarded the plane coming here while knowing all this this guy flew from Zimbabwe knowing all this while I was in Zimbabwe I used to go to hospitals with him while ill I used to go to hospitals I went to the hospital in Borrowdale with him…

He was always there even while he was in Zimbabwe this guy is lying and he is trying to destroy my life…

After they finished the program Rumbidzai and Tytan are now being chased by the police…being told that what they are doing is illegal….