“Our musical journey is not a walk in the park”- Winky D honoured by ZAA SA

“Our musical journey is not a walk in the park”- Winky D honoured by ZAA SA
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Man of the moment, Wallace “Winky D” Chirumiko, was recently honoured by Zim Achievers Awards SA (ZAA SA).

ZAA SA had its inaugural Oliver Mtukudzi Zimbabwe based Musician of the Year Award, and it is with great joy that the ‘Gaffa’ was honoured with such a profound recognition.

The category is a first, having been introduced this year in memory of a musical legend and maestro, Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi. The honorary gesture was well thought considering Winky D is arguably the most celebrated artist locally.

For many musicians, Tuku was not just a great mentor, but a father and friend. This could be clearly seen in their ‘Panorwadza Moyo’ collaboration in 2016, which now seems ironic.

Winky expressed his gratefulness with a message in which he talks of the crucial role of Tuku’s music,

“Although he is not with us today, his musical contributions are forever with us and generations to come”, said the celebrated artist.

“I promise to continue working towards enriching the music of Zimbabwe, irrespective of the threats of misguided misinterpretations that occasionally confront the music”, he added.

Winky D has a career spanning over 15 years and he has rose to be one of the most sought after artists both on local and international stages.