OyOsMusic Festival Draws Closer

OyOsMusic Festival Draws Closer
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The first ever OyOsMusic Festival will be held from the 14th to 15th of December 2017 at the University of Zimbabwe and Longcheng Plaza, respectively running under the theme Let the music SPEAK.

On the 14th of December, the workshops will start at 1100hrs until 1500hrs and on the 15th of December, the performances will run from 0900hrs till late. Workshop topics to be discussed will include intellectual property, entrepreneurship, marketing, producing and branding. The music festival which is a brainchild of OyOsMusic will include performances from various local musicians, dancers and spoken word performers. The full list of performers, workshop facilitators and presenters will be announced on the 4th of December 2017, however, tickets for the festival are now available at OyOsMusic Angwa House, first floor, corner Angwa and George Silundika. Friday 15 December is a fun-filled day at LongCheng Plaza where the audience is going to be entertained by different showcases and a wide range of music. Activities include arts and crafts exhibitions, fashion, dance shows, spoken word, comedy, music performances and Dj parties.

OyOsMusic was birthed after realising the big challenge of music piracy in Zimbabwe resulting in artists failing to make anything from their hard input into the music and video production. OyOsMusic, therefore, came up with an online music digital platform that allows artists to sell their music online and realise revenue through music purchases and downloads. The platform aims at reducing piracy and creating other revenue streams for the country. The arts festival is also a direct response to the identified gap. The festival will offer an advocacy platform around artists’ rights, recognition and appreciation through the use of different arts modes such as music, dance and spoken word. Among the performers will be the musicians signed up by OyOsMusic. Workshops around artist’s rights and entrepreneurial skills will also be conducted during the festival in order to educate artists on making money and sustaining themselves using their art. 

This will be a good opportunity for upcoming and established talented musicians of different age groups who are struggling to make a living through their music to express themselves. Stakeholders include different relevant Government departments and organisations which focus on the arts, artists’ rights and recognition.