StarFM-OyOsMusic Interview

StarFM-OyOsMusic Interview
StarFM-OyOsMusic interview with Dj Mbale

So maybe you have a good ear for music and have recently heard about the roster of talented artists lighting up the OyOsMusic playlist and are wondering how you can keep up with them. Or maybe you simply enjoy laid-back weekend mornings laced with nothing but good tunes together with your coffee in your robe. In that case, you might be pleased to note that Star FM has cooked up just the show for its keen listeners. Your mornings are likely to be livened up by the Saturday Morning Star FM OyOsMusic interview with DJ Nikki. Meet her along with several other stars in a 15-minute sit-down as they talk it out on the air.

Quite simply, the show aims to give insight into the lives of local artists beyond just their musical tracks and let us really get to know some of the thoughts and experiences that they encounter in everyday life. So far the interviews have been nothing short of entertaining - laced with humour, fun activities and plenty of interesting conversational topics for the various artists. If you were among the countless listeners during the two sitdowns, you would have also run into plenty of useful information to do with the OyOsMusic platform Listeners were also lucky enough to look into the top 5 most downloaded tracks in the country on the popular local online store, OyOsMusic. Listeners got to preview a sample of all of the leading tracks as well.

The show has aired over the past two weeks featuring talented local artists ExQ and Goodchild Gc. This coming week will include a sit-down with one artist who is celebrated for having her music on the top 5 most downloaded tracks in the country - Cindy Munyavi. Hosting will be none other than Dj Mbale between 1030 am and 1045 am tomorrow on Star FM. For future sessions, DJ Nikki will be on the air with one of the many music artists on Saturday mornings.

So there you have it, all it takes is a good ear and an FM stereo and already you are set for the morning. If you are keen on keeping up with all these local artists then be sure to look out for updates on the OyOsMusic FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages. Many of the artists are keen to share their experience in the studio live on air so we you try and keep up with them, follow their music, like their pictures and you never know you might find something that you might like.