OyOsMusic Launches A FREE Android App

OyOsMusic Launches A FREE Android App
OyOsMusic Android App
OyOsMusic has officially launched an Android App making it convenient for music lovers to access their favourite artists and music from the palm of their hands. The app is linked to the website meaning all the artists and music on the web version www.OyOsMusic.co.zw are also available on the app. The state-of-the-art app comes with a number of great features but here are just 10 of them;
1.       Built-in uninterrupted player: The app has an inbuilt music player that continues to play your selected tracks even when you navigate to other pages or completely exit the app to switch to another app or web browser.
2.       Shake to change tracks: By shaking your phone, you can easily change tracks if you are too lazy to press the “next track” navigation buttons
3.       Playlists: Music lovers can preview play selected tracks and be able to create custom playlists of their favourite tracks with a mix and match.
4.       Comments: For the purpose of interactivity, music lovers can comment on certain tracks, albums or artists
5.       Likes: Just like with facebook likes, music lovers or fans can choose to like your album or track(s)
6.       Search: You can search for any artists, album, track or playlists
7.       Cloud storage: When you purchase any albums or tracks from either the website or app, it will be stored under the “Purchase and Downloads”. This allows you to re-download your purchased music at any time
8.       Offline music: If you do not have internet access, there are some default offline tracks that you can listen to
9.       FREE music downloads: Artists can choose to have certain tracks free for you to download without having to pay a single cent
10.   Online payment: The app allows you to top up your virtual wallet using eco-cash, telecash, zimswitch, MasterCard, visa card, pay now or PayPal
The Android App is now available on Google Play Store. Simply search for “OyOsMusic” as one word. Be the first to own it and it’s completely FREE. For more information, while using the app, you can use the menu link “About OyOsMusic” which takes you to the contact us page and detailed information about TeamOyOs and we will be happy to answer any questions or even develop a custom android app for you.
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