OyOsMusic signed artist Eve releases video to her single Need Some Love

The beautiful young and talented budding artist Eve has released the visuals to her single Need Some Love and the video is already getting some love.

OyOsMusic signee Eve has proved Zimbabweans have a lot to offer when it comes to contributing to the music scene both lyrically and visuals.

The video Features Eve and Kundie an actor who plays the role of Eve's boyfriend and it's surprising to know that the video was shot right at Eve's house with the level of quality the video has but that just goes to show you how talented Zimbabwean videographers are because even with limited working space they still manage to produce such breathtaking work and OyOsNews applauds Manny who directed the video for that.


Eve told OyOsNews that she is working on more videos for her already available singles which can be legally purchased and downloaded on OyOsMusic and with the support she gets from her parents and her lover she is looking forward to making new music.